The Last Resort
A beautiful 4 hours drive from Kathmandu. The Last Resort is located on top of a gorge close to the Tibetan border. Luxurious safari tents are set in lush gardens for a peaceful stay in an exotic setting.

Adventure Activities

Bungy Nepal may be the most spectacular jump on the planet. AT 160m high it is Nepal’s ultimate rush and one of the longest free-falls in the world. The stunning natural surroundings so close to Tibet make the jump an almost magical experience. You can book bungy for your clients as a day trip from Kathmandu or combine it with a stay and other activities.

On the day of the jump the jump master will first give you briefing before writing jumpers’ weight on their respective hands and tells them in which group they will be jumping.

Canyon Swing
The Canyon Swing at The Last Resort is the world’s highest giant swing, offering you a full on adrenaline filled and gravity defying adventure. A 100m free-fall into the dramatic gorge from a 160m high bridge before the twin lines swing you 240m at 150m per hour.

Canyoning is an amazing full body and mind experience that enables your clients to explore some of the last forbidden places in the Himalayas. As pioneers of canyoning in Nepal, we offer a variety of canyons, from exploratory walks to some of Nepal’s most extreme evvironments. Our experts canyoning guides will lead you in abseiling, jumping and sliding down steep canyon walls and waterfalls to deep pools below.

High Ropes
High Ropes is a high wire forest adventure that challenges your personal boundaries, encourages teamwork and guilds confidence.
High rope courses are recognized worldwide as one of the best team building activities. The Last Resort now introduces this adventure in Nepal and invites organizations, companies and school or group of friends to come and play !

Rafting on Bhote Koshi
The Bhote Koshi river is a very steep and very continuous mountain stream, a unique combination of exceptionally fun and challenging rapids without it ever getting past the point of recreation

The thundering of the next rapid is never far downstream and only occasional pools of calm give a chance to reflect on the awesome beauty surrounding the river. Emerald green fields are terraced high above the river on precipitous slopes, curious villagers lining suspension bridges are amazed as we plunge through cascading waves and chutes of foam. Rafting on the Bhote Koshi is a full body experience, with much more involved than simply paddling forwarded and backward. One of the most common paddle commands on the Bhote Koshi is “hold on”.

We run the upper part of Bhote Koshi River and is much more steeper and has bigger and faster rapids. It goes on for about 3.5 hours. The rapids are bigger than the first day and goes up to grade 5. The rafting bus will take you from the resort after breakfast around 9.30 am. It is about 15 minutes drive from the resort to the rafting starting point. Lunch will be served on the river bank. After the completion of rafting, the bus will take everyone to the resort.