Hotel Heritage
You may be interested about the Concept of our Hotel.
This building has been my dream for over 15 years and it has been carefully designed to meet all the criteria and high standards expected by International travellers.
My Ancestors have lived in the beautiful Medieval City of Bhaktapur since 12 Century.
I wanted to create an environment that would reflect the beauty and rich history of our culture to all the visitors in this incredible city Bhaktapur.

Already as a child I felt real concern for our fragile environment and respect for our valuable traditions and I would often collect and bring home old architectural pieces that were lying abandoned in the rubble of the many derelict buildings that had badly suffered in earthquakes.

For The Heritage Hotel we have used many of those wood carvings and old building materials.
Most come from derelict old palaces and rich merchant?s houses of the valley.
Some items like the beautiful windows we used in the Hotel?s Front elevation and some of the antique marble and stone floors come from a Royal Palace and are over 400 years old.

The handmade Clay Bricks with Newari Script which you can see in various parts of the building, including inside some of the Bedrooms, date from 1994 B.S. (about 75 years old.) and also come from a Royal Residence.

For some of the floors, we commissioned local pottery makers to make for us all the clay tiles that have been a traditional floor covering for centuries.The Natural Stone Tiles we have used throughout the Hotel and the gardens come from a local quarry that has supplied the Kathmandu Valley for most of the street paving, especially in Durbar Squares, the ceremonial arenas in the heart of the old cities.

The Handmade Paper we use for our Stationary is called Lokta. Lokta has been produced in Nepal for well over 1000 years and even today, it is the paper used for all important official documents, because it is not affected by insects.

Rather than using new wood, most of the contemporary furniture and woodwork throughout the Hotel has been made from very old reclaimed antique beams and floorboards collected from the valley.
Whenever possible, we have tried to use traditional furnishings and decorative Items and we are proud to make a difference to the income of the small local craftsmen and women we work with.
The beautiful hand carved wooden beds and mirror frames, 200 to 300 years old have been carved by local artists.Their incredible skills and designs reflect the dream-like city they live in and show that the tradition is still alive today.

The curtains have been specially produced by small weaving workshops in Bhaktapur City.
Pure Organic Cotton has been Hand Spun and woven on Ancient wooden Looms.
This Cloth is very traditional and has been used by traditional people for Hundreds of Years.
The Bamboo and Hand-woven Corn mats are also a local product and most are produced by Women?s Groups, many Single Mothers.

Barahisthan, Bhaktapur, Nepal.
Telephone :  977  1 6611629
Fax          :  977  1 6612850               
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General  Manager                  :  Mr.  Prakash Dhaubhadel
Sales & Marketing Manager    :  Mr Jagat Munankarmi
F & B Manager                      :  Mr.  Arjun Pant

    No. of Room     : 25   
    Classic            : 11
    Superior           : 14

No. of F & B Outlet   
1)    Kutumbha Restaurant
        Meeting room     :  Capacity of 30 pax
        Distance     : 1  km/5 minute walk from
        Bhaktapur Durbar square.
        15 km far from Kathmandu
•    Air Conditioning (in some room)
•    Balcony/Terrace (some)
•    Mini-Bar (some)
•    Rooms for Non-smokers
•    Telephone
•    Refrigerator (some)
•    Laundry+Valet
•    All major credit cards accepted
•    Internet Access (High Speed and Wireless)
•    Cable/Satellite Television